Should You Lease or Buy Your IT Equipment?

Find out which option is right for your business with this in-depth look into the pros and cons of each.

The next time your business needs new technology equipment, should you buy it or lease it? If you don’t know, read on. We’ll take a look at the benefits–and downsides–of both leasing and buying technology equipment, plus the questions you should ask to ensure you get the best deal.

Leasing: The Benefits

  • Leasing keeps your equipment up-to-date. Computers and other tech equipment eventually become obsolete. With a lease, you pass the financial burden of obsolescence to the equipment leasing company. For example, let’s say you have a two-year lease on a copy machine. After that lease expires, you’re free to lease whatever equipment is newer, faster and cheaper.

5 Reasons Why Your Small Business Should Buy Only Business-Grade Technology

Many small business owners and managers shop for new technology the way they shop for groceries. They go to the nearest store, usually an office supply or big box store, and buy whatever’s on sale. This seems like a great idea in the short-term; it’s cheap and convenient, but invariably—it’s a big mistake.

Here are 5 reasons why buying only business-grade technology for your small business is the right move